Leather Gum Drops

Every week, Stereogum drops a new free mp3.

This week, it’s from Omaha-based (Phoenix-born) band Digital Leather.

Usually it’s an original tune from an upcoming album or something, but Digital Leather did a cover of MGMT’s “Time to Pretend.”

Shawn Foree explains that “Stephen and I were talking about synths one day. He mentioned that MGMT used the same machine on ‘Time To Pretend’ as I did on ‘Modern Castles.’ … We decided to cover it. You know, just for fun.”

I happen to love the MGMT original and this version is damn good. It’s pretty faithful, from the aforementioned synths to the hand-claps in the background.

PHOTO: Sherry Cardino (I don’t want Digital Leather to “fucking kill me.”)



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