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CD Reviews: MGMT, Jakob Dylan, The Hold Steady

I don’t do CD reviews very often. At least, I haven’t done them in months. That’s something that I plan on changing here on the blog (and, hopefully sometime soon, in the paper as well). Here’s a couple reviews of … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Tim Wildsmith’s battle with country music

Since I’m gone this week, I decided to let you guys have some guest blogs. This one comes from local singer/songwriter Tim Wildsmith who, though he once lived in Nashville, never really liked country. But some things change… I’ve never … Continue reading

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Rock Candy Mailbag: Answering your questions once again

Every day, I get asked questions about everything from where to find tickets to my opinion on Nickelback to what I want for lunch. You probably don’t care to know the answer to that last one (today was a salad, … Continue reading

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On the Road: Adventures in traveling with Kerouac and Gibbard

I’m out of town this week, so I’ve planned a variety of posts from myself and some guests. Here is one from Dane Stickney, former World-Herald reporter and a good friend of mine, about some of his recent travels. Enjoy. … Continue reading

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List: 10 best indie rock frontmen

I was stuck in an airport for a few hours last weekend, so I found myself in a newstand, which is pretty typical for me. Surprisingly, they were pretty low on music magazines, but one cover in particular caught my … Continue reading

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I’m out the door

Hey there… Next week, I’m taking a much-needed vacation. But while I’m out, I’m still going to keep you company with a bunch of stuff, including a couple of guest blogs. Monday through Friday next week, you’ll get a brand … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup: Julian Casablancas, Omaha Invasion and tons more

Holy craziness, Batman! This is a helluva weekend for shows around here. If I were going to be in town (I’m not), this is what I would go see: >> There’s a Goo show/dance party tonight at the Waiting Room. … Continue reading

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Record Store Day recap

I was actually in Chicago over the weekend, missing a multitude of good live shows and Record Store Day in Omaha. Mike Fratt at Homer’s recommended that I head to Reckless Records in Chicago, but I unfortunately couldn’t make it … Continue reading

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RE: Press releases

Dear bands and your publicists,Stop wasting your time with paper press releases.Signed,Kevin You’re probably wondering where this is coming from. Basically, I’m doing a little spring cleaning here at the office and just went through at least 1,000 press releases … Continue reading

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Maha Music Festival is doing things right

No doubt you’ve seen the lineup for the Maha Music Festival, which was announced early this morning. I have to be honest that I was a bit surprised, although very pleasantly so, when I heard about Spoon. And I was … Continue reading

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