Blitzen Trapper 7: Wrapping up

It was universally agreed upon (among everyone I talked to) that Blitzen Trapper kicked ass last night. There were a couple hundred people there, by my estimate, and I didn’t see anyone heading home disappointed.
As mentioned before, this band’s songs seem so much more vibrant when performed live. 
The encore was “Not Your Lover,” “Jericho” and one older song that I didn’t know. Their pre-”Furr” music is pretty much balls-out rock and, as far as I could tell, that last tune was the only one they played from that era. And I’m fine with that.
These guys are pretty red hot right now for an indie band and since their album releases today, I’m curious to see what happens with them. This headlining tour is timed pretty well and could set them up for bigger things later this year.
Some live tracks recorded at last night’s show:


“Wild Mountain Nation”



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