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Conor Oberst speaks

Conor Oberst sits in Slowdown’s back stage area. (Photo by Alyssa Schukar/The World-Herald) On Wednesday afternoon, I headed over to Slowdown. After following Robb Nansel up the stairs to the green room, myself and a photographer stepped in. Conor Oberst … Continue reading

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Conor Oberst and the Concert For Equality

Conor Oberst (Photo by Alyssa Schukar/The World-Herald) Sorry, it’s been “all Conor Oberst all the time” over here, but that’s kinda the big thing going on this week. I wanted to let you know about the story that ran today … Continue reading

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Concert For Equality schedule

I’ll have some more Concert For Equality news tonight or tomorrow, but here’s what I have for now. The show is sold out, so good luck finding tickets.Right now, there are three auctions on ebay. One has a ticket for … Continue reading

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Maha photos from the OWH

 Laura Burhenn of The Mynabirds (Photo by Chris Machian/The World-Herald) The World-Herald’s always-talented Chris Machian was on-hand at Maha for a good chunk of the day on Saturday and he snapped some pics. Check out his photos from the show.

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Maha: Grading Omaha’s festival (wrapping up what happened and looking at what’s next, plus comments on Spoon and It’s True)

Laura Ballance, left, and Mac McCaughan of Superchunk. (Photo by Chris Machian/The World-Herald) If you were to compare the second annual Maha Music Festival to the inaugural concert, it was a smashing success. I remember in 2009 when a couple … Continue reading

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Maha: The Faint never fails

Has the Faint ever put on a bad show? Maybe, but I’ve never seen one. They never fail to absolutely rock the place every time. Even the older folks in the way back of the crowd got up out of … Continue reading

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Maha: Holy f#&$ing Superchunk

Two things: 1) I have a sunburn. 2) I would hate to be Satchel Grande right now. Why? Because Superchunk was freaking amazing. The band ended the set with “Slack Motherfucker,” and the hipsters and indie kids went wild for … Continue reading

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Maha: Ben Kweller rocks it

Wow. Ben Kweller really hit all of his marks. Playing as only a 3-piece, Kweller & Co. mostly rocked out. They stayed away from most of the country and slow stuff. My girlfriend, for one, had never heard them before … Continue reading

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Maha: Voodoo Method and It’s True

I’ve never seen Voodoo Method before, but I was impressed. I don’t know how much they fit with the rest of the bands, but it was good stuff. Their style is kind of rock/r&b/blues and the band’s singer has a … Continue reading

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Maha Music Festival: Flights delays=concert delays

So, the Maha Music Festival is off to a rough start today, but it’s not the fault of concert organizers. There’s this little hurricane/tropical storm thing going on in other parts of the country. Ben Kweller and Superchunk are stuck … Continue reading

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