New Music: “Shell Games” from Bright Eyes’ “The People’s Key”

I’m actually off this week, but I have to share this news: Bright Eyes dropped its first new song from The People’s Key.”

Stream the song here:

It’s a driving tune and a little more rock than I would have expected from the band, but that’s kinda what Conor Oberst said last week about the record. It’s not really the country/folk stuff, but filled with guitar and keyboards.

I like it.

And if they keep up this kind of quality, I think this record will do well.

If you give Saddle Creek Records your e-mail address, you can download the song using the widget below.



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One Response to New Music: “Shell Games” from Bright Eyes’ “The People’s Key”

  1. Yeah, I'm really glad they released this. I like how different it is from their past stuff, but how similar it is at the same time. I'm extremely excited to get the album when it comes out…totally preordering it :)