More Red Sky festival bands announced

This afternoon, Red Sky Music Festival announced four more festival grounds bands: The Fab Four – The Ultimate Beatles Tribute, Bruce Hornsby & the Noisemakers, Buddy Guy and 10,000 Maniacs.

No idea who the first two are, to be honest.

Update: The Fab Four – The Ultimate Beatles Tribute is an Elvis Presley a popular Beatles tribute band. (No joke.) And now that I looked up Bruce Hornsby, I guess I knew who he was without knowing who he was, so to speak. Hornsby did “The Way It Is,” which is probably more famous nowadays for being the sample used in Tupac’s “Changes.” (Thanks to my OWH pal Jon for pointing that out for me.)

Buddy Guy will be a good addition. He opened for B.B. King in Council Bluffs recently and was amazing.

The one I’m honestly surprised by is 10,000 Maniacs. Good band, but who knew they still existed? As it turns out, the current lineup includes original members, but not Natalie Merchant. Interesting.

Anyway, if you hadn’t noticed, Red Sky basically has two components. One consists of six big outdoor concerts. The other is a six-day daytime music festival. Personally, I think that’s going to benefit Red Sky ticket sales since they won’t be counting on thousands of people buying full festival passes.

More news coming later this week.



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