This week in GO: Widespread Panic and more

This week in The World-Herald’s GO entertainment magazine, you’ll find a whole bunch of entertainment readin’.

My column was on nothing exciting, just fake rock ‘n’ roll tweeters that make me laugh.

• I also wrote a video game review on “X-Men: Destiny.” Despite my love for the X-Men, this game wasn’t too great.

Widespread Panic is making a stop in Omaha on their last tour before a long break. I talked to percussionist Sunny Ortiz.

• While it’s not really musical, Josie Loza wrote about the zombie walk going down in Benson on Saturday. You may spot me all undead-like, shuffling around at the Waiting Room afterparty.

• And, as always, you can check out our live music calendar and Ticket Booth, our list of upcoming shows with tickets on sale (or sold out).



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