SXSW: Nebraska boys in Midwest Dilemma do us proud

Justin Lamoureux of Midwest Dilemma performs with his band at Uncorked in Austin, Texas.

When I arrived at Uncorked to see Midwest Dilemma, there weren’t very many people there. Probably a dozen or so and most of them hid under the shade to protect themselves from the sun (and rain… though the sun was shining, passing clouds rained on us a few times).

It’s unfortunate that not many people were there, though the crowd did fill out a bit after the set got started.

Lamoureux sang songs about wine, trains, beards, starting trouble, having fun, loneliness, traveling, the 49′r and a whole lot more. He has a descriptive, heart-on-his-sleeve style and I’ve long maintained he’s one of the best songwriters in Nebraska.

Instead of the full version of MW, Lamoureux was backed by only two musicians: one alternating between tuba and trombone and the other on drums.

Favorite songs were newish tune “Searching for the Cure of Loneliness,” which Lamoureux said is the title track from a forthcoming album, and “Dreaming of the Coast,” which he said was about a breakup.

“We broke up on the road,” he said. “I had to keep dragging her around the country for months. But what the hell… You get a song out of the deal.”

It was a great set and I’m glad he mentioned being from Omaha several times. Despite the smallish crowd, the set was loved by most. Afterwards, more than a dozen people walked up to Lamoureux or other members of the band to tell them how much they loved the set.

Looks like they have some new fans.



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