SXSW: Saddle Creek Records showcase with Icky Blossoms, Big Harp, The Mynabirds

Laura Burhenn of the Mynabirds performs at Lambert's at SXSW.

On Friday night, Omaha’s own Saddle Creek Records had its own showcase at an Lambert’s, a restaurant and venue in downtown Austin.

On the lineup were Icky Blossoms, Big Harp and The Mynabirds, just three of the five Saddle Creek bands in town.

Icky Blossoms is virtually unknown. The band has been honing its sound in several performances over the last year or so and recently went into the studio to record its debut album.

Despite not having a published record, the band drew a huge crowd. More than 100 people packed the upstairs of the venue and grooved to the hard dance beat of drummer Clark Baechle and the funky beat of bassist Saber Blazek.

“I wasn’t really expecting this many people to be here,” said guitarist Nik Fackler. “It’s really sweet.”

“So sweet,” added singer Sarah Bohling

Some tunes were definitely dance pop tunes perfect for a club while others were rock ‘n’ roll with a stark beat.

It was a blast to watch, and I wonder how the songs will translate to a record.

Even more entertaining to witness than the fans in the front row dancing their hearts out was the band. Blazek and Fackler throw themselves into the songs and shout out the lyrics even when they’re not providing backup to Bohling or singer Derek Presnall. And no one in the crowd danced harder than the band.

Amazing. If they keep playing like this, they’ll have lots of fans.

Next up was Big Harp, the husband and wife duo whose folk debut, “White Hat,” was fantastic. They abandoned the folk for a set full of new songs where they turned up the volume and were closer to garage rock and blues.

The Mynabirds followed with a ton of new material, which will be released on its upcoming album, “Generals.”

The new songs were soulful, which has a lot to do with the lyrics as well as frontwoman Laura Burhenn’s versatile voice. The best tune was the new album’s title track, which featured a call and response segment that had most of the gathered crowd joining in.



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