Red Sky announcement coming in ‘early April’

All signs from Red Sky Music Festival organizers pointed to having a lineup announcement by the end of March. They said that awhile back and kept citing “by the end of March” whenever a fan asked on Facebook.

Last Wednesday, just before the end of March, they replied to a fan on FB:

“We were hoping to announce the lineup on Friday, but due to timing issues it will most likely happen in early April.”

The only headliner we know for certain right now is Brad Paisley, who will play at TD Ameritrade Park on July 20. I think his publicist accidentally jumped the gun when the country singer/guitarist’s tour schedule was released last month. Oops.

I think we’ll have a lineup in the next couple of weeks. And I think we’ll get it all in one chunk instead of random and piecemeal like last year.




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2 Responses to Red Sky announcement coming in ‘early April’

  1. Bryan B says:

    The entire line up at once is the right way to go. Last year it really seemed, (and was probably the case), like Red Sky officials were still tryingto book whomever they could as fast as they could, and announced them as they came on board.
    It felt very disorganized, (which is expected with any new festival), and I would hope that they would have their info together at the start, this time.

  2. Kevin Coffey Kevin says:

    I also think they got stuck bending to the whims of management and booking agents, who often have a big say in when a concert gets announced. But with a festival, it’s definitely best to announce all at once.