Stream ‘Reverse Vampire’ from Saddle Creek’s PUJOL

Daniel Pujol from PUJOL.

After releasing a bunch of singles and EPs recently, PUJOL is ready to release its debut full-length, “United States of Being,” on June 5 with Saddle Creek Records.

Today, Rolling Stone has a stream of the lead-off single, “Reverse Vampire.”

Check it out here.

“It’s about ‘you’ bleeding out and dying all the time instead of ‘you’ sucking blood and living forever,” Daniel Pujol told RS.

The song has that tumbling, rolling garage rock style from the band’s previous Creek release, “Nasty, Brutish and Short.” It also has some pop elements and, if it was put in front of the right people, I could see this one getting some radio play.

Over at Saddle Creek’s site, you can also listen to “DIY2K” and “Mayday,” one of my favorite songs from last year.

A side note: Pujol is pronounced with a hard “j,” like in “John” or “jump.” It’s not like baseball player Albert Pujols. I figured this out recently by talking to some of the guys at Saddle Creek.



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