Record Store Day at Homer’s, Drastic, Creek Shop

Music fans line up outside Homer's Music for Record Store Day. Those at the front of the line had been there since 5:30 a.m.

For Record Store Day, I normally wander in around noon when the selection is pretty picked over. I’ve always gotten decent stuff, but the more rare items are usually gone.

This year, I decided to get up early and get in line. When I arrived at 13th and Howard after 9:30 a.m., lines were already going at Homer’s Music and Drastic Plastic. In total, Homer’s had around 100 people and Drastic had 10 to 15.

My brother-in-law Craig and I waited in line with his two boys and munched on doughnuts and drank coffee provided by Homer’s. Craig is a huge Pearl Jam fan, and the Eddie Vedder 7-inch was recorded at a show he was at last year, so he was excited for that. I had my own list, so we waited.

Drastic opened maybe a couple minutes before Homer’s and, since we were in the back half of the line, I ran across the street. Drastic had a smaller selection, but I managed to grab the David Bowie picture disc. (No Tebowie singles were to be found, unfortunately.)

The Homer’s line had started moving by the time I got back, and I jumped back in line with Craig and the boys. Homer’s was much better organized this time than in the past. Singles were in one section near the back, 12-inches were in a different spot and CDs were in a third spot. You still had to box people out to flip through the records, but it wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately, a couple folks were pushy.

Craig scored the last copy of the Eddie Vedder record. I picked up the M. Ward single (really excited for his covers of “Roll Over Beethoven” and “The Twist”), Jukebox the Ghost single (cover of “I Love You Always Forever”), the Bruce Springsteen single and a 311 remix LP.

Satisfied and not really wanting to deal with the crowds and the pushiness, we took off.

I headed down to Saddle Creek Shop to grab the singles they had. Their selection of RSD exclusives was very, very limited, but I was able to grab the singles from The Mynabirds, PUJOL and Icky Blossoms, so that was cool. I was told they also had a 10-person line outside before they opened, which is more people than they’ve ever had.

All in all, Record Store Day seems to be a success, once again. All the stores had good crowds and a lot of traffic and people seemed satisfied with their purchases (me included).

I may even go back later to see what’s left when there’s not so many people.

How was your Record Store Day experience?



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