Red Sky trimmed to 4 days

Red Sky Music Festival just got a little shorter.

Originally scheduled to last six days, the festival now will last four days, from July 18 to 21, according to its website. A spokewoman for the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority, the festival organizer, confirmed the change but had no other comment.

So far, the only announced acts at the festival are Brad Paisley and his opener, The Band Perry.

Posts on Facebook have said that the festival would announce a lineup and ticket information in mid-April, but no more information has been available.

In 2011, the festival’s inaugural year, Red Sky was scheduled to have six headliners, but ended up with five. The sixth day’s schedule was filled with local bands.



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One Response to Red Sky trimmed to 4 days

  1. Bryan B says:

    Meca, (Mecca?), really appears to not have a solid grap on this festival.
    The constant delay in lineup announcements, ticket info, etc, make it seem that Mecca is grasping at straws to book talent or figure out the logistics to make the festival work. They appear to really be struggling.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but (at least so far), perception is reality, so…