Dissecting the Love Drunk Tour

Usually after a few sweaty weeks in a van criss-crossing the nation, you feel like you’ve rocked the world.

That’s sort of the case for Love Drunk. Sure, they provided music to the masses, but they weren’t the ones playing it. Instead, the crew were documenting it.

Everyone did camera work. Angie Norman did all the driving. Matt Hovanec mixed the sound. So did Django G-S. Basically, everyone did everything and they came out with more than a dozen videos even after dealing with cancellations and rescheduling.

I caught up with a few of the folks who went on the trip to ask how it all went down. Their comments are below.

Watch the Love Drunk tour videos (and all their other videos, too) right here.

The consensus favorite: A tie between The Golden Hearts (Adam Hawkins of It’s True and Katey Sleeveless) and Hammer No More the Fingers. “They reminded me of Q and Not U and some of the other early 2000s music that was coming from the DC/Chapel Hill areas,” said Brendan Greene-Walsh about Hammer No More the Fingers. “Their video shoot was also pretty unique as we tried some things that haven’t typically been used in Love Drunk videos. The band was really excited and open to all of the ideas that we brought to the table. You’ll have to watch the video to see how sweet it turned out.”

Pretty much everyone thought hanging with the Golden Hearts was really cool: Hawkins and Sleeveless and their little boy, Lio, ended up in North Carolina after the money ran out during their concert tour last year. So, they stayed there. When the Love Drunk crew was passing through, they camped out with them and shot a couple videos. The time was really special, Daniel Muller said.

My personal favorite video from the tour: Jukebox the Ghost, a band I really like and have seen many times. It was also Ben Semisch’s fave shoot: “The guys in Jukebox were super personal, helped us load in gear, wrap cables and load out, totally killed the song, and Ben, the lead singer even taught me about Bodega’s and some history on the Lower East Side.”

A crazy night: When HearNebraska.org was in the running for the top three spots on Give to Lincoln Day, the Love Drunk crew, which included Angie and Andy Norman, assembled. “We had planned to go out on the town for dinner and check out the nightlife in Nashville but as the evening went on, the race to stay in the top three started to tighten. Without a word being said, all of us took to our laptops and phones to send emails, texts and make calls asking family and friends for donations,” Greene-Walsh said. “Getting close to midnight it became clear that HN.org had locked up third place and the sense of joy and accomplishment in that dumpy hotel room was pretty satisfying.”

Muller and Semisch did a lot of still photography during the shoots, so it was documented from pretty much every perspective: “As a photographer, going to new places and meeting new people is my biggest inspiration,” Muller said. “I love seeing stories unfold, so being a part of this project has been awesome from the beginning. I get to document the setup of each shoot, take portraits of the band and everything in between. I think I set a personal record for most iPhone photots taken in 7 days.”

Non Love Drunk videos: I had not heard of these until Semisch told me about them, but they sound hilarious. “Me and fellow LDer Matt Hovanec also made several videos for our project ‘Unrequested Adverts.’ Essentially we make short commercials in the style of Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan for businesses that never requested them. We filmed one for: Best Western, The World’s Largest Truck Stop, Sheraton Hotels, The Chicago Cubs, and Hat and Boots (a hat and boot store in Nashville).”

The difference between going on tour in a band and going on tour with a video crew: “Most nights were spent huddled around laptops editing video, photos or trying to get some attention from blogs, and other forms of press. It’s a lot different than playing a show and getting drunk with some locals,” Semisch said.

But the best part? “There is still no substitute for building camaraderie between people (be it band mates or friends on a video tour) than spending hours driving around in a hot, crappy van cracking stupid jokes,” Greene-Walsh said.



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