Rock Candy Interview: Marta Fiedler of Blue Bird

Catch Blue Bird at their album release party Saturday at the Waiting Room Lounge. A $7 cover charge includes a copy of the album.

Blue Bird releases a new album Saturday at the Waiting Room Lounge.

The album, appropriately titled “Blue Bird,” features singer and songwriter Marta Fiedler’s vocals at center stage.

Backing her is a six-piece band that pushes melodies through folk, pop and Americana. Though Fiedler’s voice is strong and touching, you shouldn’t discount the band. Mixing piano, reverb-heavy guitars, violin and other instruments, it makes tracks that would be just as good without lyrics.

Fiedler’s lyrics often are confessional and detail ups and downs such as the line “Though my sad experience inclines me to give up… I still believe in love.”

Go ahead and listen for yourself. The entire album is streaming at the band’s site,

I talked to Fiedler about the new album, lineup changes in the band, what’s next for the group and “organ magic.”

Q. I’m told there’s a new lineup for Blue Bird. How did that happen? Who is in the band now?

A.  We added two new members, Darci Boyer (vocals, keys) and Julie Crowell (vocals, percussion) to fill in for departing member Sam Brock, who recently started a family and Carrie Mardock, who is still an on and off member of Blue Bird, but whose availability will be limited in the coming months due to obligations with Eli Mardock.

Q. Where and when did you record the new album?

A. The album was recorded at the same time as the Metamorphosis EP (Fall 2010) at ARC with A.J. Mogis.

Q. How did that go?

A. Recording with A.J. was a great experience. He is a wizard.

Q. A lot of the lyrics have a sort of confessional nature to them. Are you writing from personal experience?

A. I write from a combination of personal experience and the experiences of friends and family members, basically any idea or emotion that takes hold and won’t let go until I put it in a song and sort of work through it in my head.

Q. The band sounds really good on the album. Did you guys work hard on the musical aspects of the songs?

A.  When I write, I have a kind-of symphony going on in my mind — I can hear certain parts and certain instruments playing, so I know what I want, in a general sense, as the song starts to take form.

Actually, we only practiced a few times before going into the studio. I think it speaks to the quality of musicianship of the people who played on the record (Boz Hicks, Mike Overfield, Carrie Mardock, A.J. Mogis, Jake Bellows, Vince Giambattista, Luther Mardock) that it turned out so solid.

Otherwise, anything I wanted, I would just say, “Hey A.J., how about an organ on this one?” and off he would go, making organ magic.

Q. Doing anything special for the release show?

A.  We are going to debut three new songs that have never been played live before from the record, as well having several guest appearances on songs from members of Lonely Estates and The Big Deep.

Q. What’s next for the band? Tour? More shows?

A. We are doing a 10-day tour in early July, heading out to New York and back, hittin’ up Nashville, Chicago, etc.

Besides playing more shows to support the new record, we will also head into the studio again during the next year to start work on our follow-up record, which will have a more electronic focus.



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