Darren Keen breaks up The Show Is The Rainbow

Darren Keen

So, Darren Keen broke up with himself. Or something.

Not to make light of it, but Keen wrote a letter to himself on HearNebraska.org breaking up his one-man band, The Show Is The Rainbow.

So, he’s calling it quits after 10 years with the project. Two last shows will be played as TSITR: One at Hullabaloo Music Festival and another sometime in December.

It’s unfortunate that the band gained popularity without support, but I think that happens to a lot of bands, especially those that play small clubs and bars.

Think of your favorite artists. Now, when was the last time you saw them in concert? How about bought one of their albums? Or a T-shirt? Or did you just burn the new album and decide to skip the show because you decided that you didn’t want to pay the cover?

I still get that all the time: “Will you burn me a copy?” No. No, I will not. If you want to sample it, go listen to it on Spotify. If you want to have the album, go buy it for $10. How else do you think these people can afford to keep making more music for you?

I’m more interested in what Keen will do as Touch People and Bad Speler. Though I’ve seen TSITR several times, I’ve preferred the rock-style stuff he did as simply “Darren Keen” awhile back.

Still, I can’t see why he can’t take an extended break from TSITR. Wouldn’t people be more inclined to see the show again (or to be shocked or wowed) if there was an absence? It will be interesting if Keen revives the project in the future due to either missing it himself or from fans wanting him back. We shall see.

Anyway, best of luck with everything else, Darren. I know you have a lot of fans who want to see you play music no matter what banner you’re playing under.1



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