Red Sky hopes to have a fourth headliner

Red Sky Music Festival hopes to have a fourth headliner and will have a B stage, a spokesman said.

Though it’s only 28 days until the start of the festival, I’m told that organizers are diligently looking for a headliner for the as-yet-empty July 19 headlining spot.

As of right now, the headliners are Rascal Flatts on July 18, Brad Paisley on July 20 and Def Leppard on July 21.

There will also be a B stage. The B stage’s lineup will be announced soon, I was told, but I wasn’t given a timeline. I would assume that it will be after the College World Series and Olympic Swim Trials when MECA (the group that runs the CenturyLink Center and TD Ameritrade Ballpark and one of the organizers of Red Sky) has a chance to breathe a little bit.

It’s becoming very late to book artists or announce further sections of the lineup, but with bands during the day and a four-day slate of headliners, they now won’t have to change the name to Red Sky Music Series. (Bad joke? Yeah, I know.)

You might think ticket sales for Red Sky wouldn’t be very good because of all of the delays, but I think the headliners they’ve booked are strong enough on their own to sell a good amount of tickets. Some people may be holding back to see who is playing during the day, but for the most part, I assume if you’re a Brad Paisley fan you’ve already made the decision whether or not to buy a ticket.

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6 Responses to Red Sky hopes to have a fourth headliner

  1. Zip says:

    I had already forgot this was happening.

  2. Scott says:

    Red Sky is a joke. Nobody is going to come from out of town to see some country act on a regular tour stop. Go look at how Knotfest is put together…bands that aren’t on tour together, getting together to put on a show…that’s what the festivals are supposed to be about. Bring relevent bands together to play a days worth of amazing music, not two country acts and hair bands from 30 years ago that nobody under 25 wants to see.

  3. blah says:

    Country bands at a music festival in the Midwest? How original! If you’re going to throw a music fest, you might want to have an entire line-up booked and published more than a month before the gates open. I also agree with the other commenters in that these aren’t unique acts unavailable elsewhere. Take a cue from other festivals and make it something special or just don’t do it at all.

  4. Joe says:

    I’m still waiting for the first headliner

  5. jake says:

    Butt Rock Country Fest 2012 happening right here in Omaha!