Red Sky: Attendance highs and lows

It’s the second day of Red Sky Music Festival and there’s not a lot of people here. On the fest’s first day, Wednesday, the place was hopping.

Why the difference? Well, Wednesday’s daytime schedule was full of popular, but new country acts including Logan Mize and The Farm Inc. Today’s sched started with locals Belles & Whistles and country cover band Crossfire.

The daytime shows are free, so ticket prices aren’t stopping anyone. But I’ll say what I said last year: Why would someone take off work early to see local bands (especially a cover band) that they can see anytime?

As it gets later in the afternoon, more people are arriving. By the time Brad Paisley comes onstage tonight at TD Ameritrade Park, thousands will have showed up.

All in all — and despite a blank day in the schedule yesterday — this scaled-down version of Red Sky seems to be working better. Yeah, crowds aren’t beatin down the doors, but a couple hundred today (and at least 1,000 on Wednesday) is better than the 30 or so that hung out at points in 2011.

* * *

Note: I’m talking exclusively the free, outdoor stage B in this post. Inside the ballpark for the headliners, Red Sky is killing. Rascal Flatts had almost 14,000 fans and Brad Paisley should be a big show, too. I’ve heard that tickets are selling briskley for all the headlining shows.



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