Conor Oberst had a big weekend

Conor Oberst performs at the Newport Folk Festival in Newport, R.I. on Sunday. (Photo by the Associated Press)

On Friday night, Conor Oberst played a little show in advance of the Newport Folk Festival (where every good band seemed to play over the weekend). At that show, Dawes opened and also sat in with Oberst during his solo show.

Even cooler though was when Jackson Browne, who comes to Omaha on Nov. 12, jumped in with Oberst to play “Take It Easy” and “Our Lady of The Well.” (Watch video below.)

At his Newport Folk Fest gig, Oberst also played two new songs. Spin reported that the Bright Eyes frontman’s two new solo songs were called “You Are Your Moms” and “Kick.”

“Both songs are slow and serious acoustic ballads, at least in these incarnations. In particular, the one labeled as “Kick” focuses on a lost Camelot,” read the post at, which includes video. “It’s unclear whether this signals a return to a more stripped-back approach after the awkward conceptual interludes of Bright Eyes’ The People’s Key, but both songs find Oberst’s eye for telling details as sharp — and unsparing — as ever.”

My guess is that Oberst’s next venture will be a solo record or (possibly? hopefully?) a second Monsters of Folk album. Oberst did also join My Morning Jacket’s set at the festival and MMJ’s Jim James made guest appearance in Oberst’s as well.



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6 Responses to Conor Oberst had a big weekend

  1. You never mentioned the secret show he played for the kids at the kiddie tent at the Newport Folk Festival. He played “True Blue” “10 Green Speckled Frogs (nursery rhyme)” and “Your Mother’s Child.”

  2. ricky says:

    Well at least now the Music Guy can move on from pumping up the incredible terrible excuse of a festival that is Red Sky. So hope that does not come back next year.

    ricky from omaha

  3. Dave says:

    Kevin – dude – you have such a man crush on Conor Oberst. You do know there is music other than folk music, right? “Every good band seemed to play” at the folk music festival? Ugh! Why do Omaha readers have to get a story on Conor Oberst or Bright Eyes every week just because it’s YOUR favorite artist? Aren’t you supposed to be a music critic, and not a marketing shill for Mr. Oberst?

  4. Kevin Coffey Kevin Coffey says:

    Dave, Conor Oberst is the most popular artist currently based in Omaha and I write about him because it’s news when he has new material out. And I like most of his music.

    As for “every good band,” it was exaggeration, but a lot of good bands I like were at Newport.

  5. Tim says:

    Kevin – thanks for the update on Conor. I’m really digging the new songs he has released to the world this past week. For the heckler above – I’m pretty sure the Hibbing Daily Tribune reported on Robert Zimmerman quite frequently in 1972.

  6. DA says:

    Dave–Dude, take a look at the Newport Folk Festival lineup. You will see that there was an a amazing diversity of rock, blues, r&b, bluegrass, swing, as well as “folk”. It was indeed a great festival with well-knowns and up and comers. (Loved Deep Dark Woods, by the way.)