Maha: Delta Spirit delivers

Delta Spirit’s Matt Vasquez performs on Maha’s main stage. (Photo by Andrew Dickinson)

Delta Spirit got its set in just under the wire. Moments after the band finished playing, it began to rain at Maha Music Festival. Not hard, but still… rain.

I enjoyed seeing the band at SXSW earlier this year, but I was glad I could see a full set. A lot of people rocked it to the band’s songs, especially going all out for “Bushwick Blues” and “Money Saves.”

A lot of people peg the band as an Americana or blues-rock group, but I think they have more of a ’70s-style classic rock sound with a lot of groove (what a rhythm section… it gets people moving) and a tinge of blues.

Singer Matt Vasquez’s emotional growl seals the band’s sound, especially on songs such as the set-closer, “California.” People really got into the groove and danced to the band, which I would call far out of the realm of dance music.

Next up was Icky Blossoms, which really got the dance groove moving through the festival with songs like “Deep In the Throes.” The rain only seemed to add to the experience. Do all the cool festivals get rained on? After last week’s very wet Lollapalooza and today’s Maha, I guess so.



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