Maha: Dum Dum Girls get the party started with some new rock

Jules, guitarist from the Dum Dum Girls, sings some backup at Maha. (Photo by Chris Machian/The World-Herald)

Man, I really like Dum Dum Girls. Existing in some universe where The Runaways and Best Coast and Nirvana had a child, Dum Dum Girls play a hip-swaying, dreamy, fuzzy style of pop rock.

Dressed in black dresses and ripped-up pantyhose, they have a too cool for school look, but it feeds into the band’s persona, which includes single names such as Dee Dee and Jules a la The Ramones.

Their set finally kicked Maha into rock mode witha  set including older tunes and a bunch of songs from the band’s upcoming Sub Pop EP, “End of Daze.”

Tunes such as “Bang Bang, I’m a Burnout” and “He Gets Me High” have a repetitive, singalong pop quality while still sounding punk.

The band, which borrowed guitar pedals from Delta Spirit, ended the set with songs from the new EP, which I think I’ll be picking up. Great stuff.



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