Maha: Frontier Ruckus plays a load of new material

Matthew Milia of Frontier Ruckus plays at Maha. (Photo by Chris Machian/The World-Herald)

Frontier Ruckus played a lot of new material today. In fact, the first song they played was the title track from their as-yet-unreleased album, “Eternity of Dimming.”

I like the Michigan folk rock band a lot. and they’ve gotten a lot of exposure through and Love Drunk in these parts.

One of the best parts of the band’s set was when they played “Little Surfer Girl” by the Beach Boys and the primary instrument was a saw. It was sweet.

Frontman Matthew Milia also geeked out a bit over playing at Maha with some of the other bands.

“The young man in me is a huge fan of ‘90s alternative rock, so the fact that our gear is literally touching Garbage’s gear is a dream come true,” Milia said.

Universe Contest so far has the most energetic set. They turned up the volume and blew the roof off of stage. Fans went kinda crazy for the band, even though many of htem seemed unfamiliar with the group.

* * *

Maha Music Festival attendees wait in line prior to the gate opening at noon. (Photo by Andrew Dickinson/The World-Herald)

Festival organizer Tre Brashear told me this is the first year anyone lined up outside the gates prior to opening.

As you can see at left, there was a pretty big crowd.

So far, more than 1,000 (my best guess) are milling about on the park’s lawn near the stage. The audience keeps growing as the beautiful day continues. I bet we’ll have a big crowd by the time Desa and Garbage play tonight.



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