Maha: Icky Blossoms tear it up

Derek Presnall and Icky Blossoms got the crowd hopping near the end of Maha Music Festival. (Photo by Chris Machian/The World-Herald)

Who was that band that started a wild dance party at Maha Music Festival? That was Icky Blossoms, my friends.

The dance-rock band stole the show. I have a feeling that a lot of people who came to Maha for Desaparecidos will be shoting the praises of “that dance band” well into next week. As they should.

As some stayed by the main stage to wait for Garbage, the smart people flooded the side stage, which sits on a small hill.  The giant audience popped up and down as the band tore through “Deep in the Throes,” “Sex and the Devil” and especially “Babes.”

As hard as everyone in the crowd was dancing, Icky bassist Saber Blazek threw down harder. The way that man dances and plays astonishes me.

“Alright y’all,” singer Derek Presnall said. “Let’s get weird.”

The band launched into their perfect lazy afternoon dance song, “Perfect Vision,” which talks about how there’s “nothing to do but get high in the afternoon.”

“Feel free to freak out as much as you want on this one,” guitarist Nik Fackler said.

The audience obliged and gave every last ounce of energy for the set’s finale.

What a set. This band, as I’ve said before, has a wild amount of potential. I see their star rising more and more very soon.



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