Maha: The Seen and Conduits kick it off

Ryan Callinan, Buck Blanc and Josh Soto from the band The Seen open the Maha Music Festival. (Photo by Chris Machian/The World-Herald)

It’s a beautiful day and Maha Music Festival has begun.

The Seen kicked things off with a short set and were quickly followed by Conduits.

Lots of people opted to show up early. The grassy bowl has quite a few folks seated in chairs and plenty standingin the grassy area near the stage.

So far, more than anything, the food/drink area is pretty hopping. I really like the layout of the area. It’s soooo much better than the riverfront was.

Roger Lewis plays the drums for Omaha band Conduits.

Two stages are set up, one is the actual Stinson Park stage and the other is a very large stage constructed next to it. It’s a pretty ideal setup and the stages are close enough together that it’s allowing fans to roam back and forth between the two.

Next up is Eli Mardock over on the small stage. More updates and photos soon.



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