Maha: UUVVWWZ draws a sizeable audience

Teal Gardner, lead singer in UUVVWWZ, sings while David Ozinga drums during the band’s set. (Photo by Andrew Dickinson/The World-Herald)

When UUVVWWZ came on the small stage, a throng of people went over there to watch them.

Now, I’m not a giant fan of the band, but I do know people that are. Still, like ‘em or not, they’re not what I would call super-accessible. That’s why I was impressed to see a big group of people hanging out and watching the band throw down a set of old and new songs.

I think it’s two things: First, the band is intriguing and its new songs are very melodic and fun to watch. Second, I think people trust Maha. It’s the same reason people bought a lot of early tickets: The festival has delivered a few years in a row, so people trust that there will be something good on stage.

As I mentioned above, the band played some new songs. Teal Gardner mentioned onstage that the band will have a new album soon and thanked Saddle Creek Records, which leads me to believe that the Omaha label will release the upcoming album. So there’s that.

Update: I’m aware SC put out the band’s first album. I just thought it was significant that the label will put out the band’s upcoming effort as well.



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One Response to Maha: UUVVWWZ draws a sizeable audience

  1. teal gardner says:

    hey, this is teal from uuvvwwz. our drummer’s name is david ozinga. tom ambroze has moved from this continent. thanks