Kanrocksas will return in 2013

In its first year, the Kanrocksas music festival drew some huge names, got a big crowd and lost a bunch of money, or so the rumor mills say.

(The festival cites that Kansas Speedway, where the festival was hosted, underwent renovations and that’s why they didn’t have a fest in 2012.)

In 2011, the festival took place the weekend before same weekend as Lollapalooza and booked big artists such as Eminem as they went to or came away from the Windy City. It was a smart strategy and I knew a lot of people who headed to KC instead of Chicago.

Unfortunately, the festival had to skip 2012.

Today, the fest announced it would be back. It will return June 28 and 29 in 2013.

Lolla will be Aug. 2 to 4 next year, so they must be leaving behind the booking strategy that they used last time around.

Update: As Charley from Kansas City points out, the new dates are rather close to Bonnaroo, so I guess Kanrocksas is still working on booking off of another festival. It worked well for them last time.

Early bird tickets go on sale Sept. 21 at 1o a.m. A two-day ticket will run $125, which ain’t bad. Of course, you don’t know who they’re going to book at this point.



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One Response to Kanrocksas will return in 2013

  1. b says:

    In 2011, it wasn’t the weekend before Lolla, it was the SAME weekend as Lolla. It was a terrible strategy that forced people to choose between an established fest with a bigger lineup at the same price as a new fest in a lesser city. I’m excited that they learned from this and have changed the 2013 dates to a weekend that doesn’t conflict with another major music festival.