I’m not just a fan of music…

I’m also a fan of comic books. I hit up my local store every week, have an ever-growing collection and will engage you in a “who would win in a fight” argument any day of the week. (Hint: The answer is always “Batman.”)

When asked by the fine gentlemen at the Two-Headed Nerd Comicast for some blog ideas, the first thing I thought about was writing about Cyclops from the X-Men, one of my very favorite characters in all of comics.

Check out my post about Cyclops’ character arc, which recently took him from consummate leader to complete nutbar.

If you’re into comics at all, I highly recommend Two-Headed Nerd. Their podcast is weekly listening for me. Music fans will recognize one of the two heads as Matt Baum, drummer for Desaparecidos and various other Omaha bands.



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