Springsteen doc wants your footage

Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt perform in Omaha in 2008. (photo by Matt Miller/The World-Herald)

If you’re excited for Bruce Springsteen’s show Thursday, you may be excited enough to land in his new documentary.

The Boss is soliciting fans for their thoughts and insights on Springsteen and his music for a new documentary, “Springsteen and I.”

Producers of the film, which is expected sometime next year, are asking for creative stories and reflections through videos, photographs, old footage or even abstract material inspired by Springsteen and his work. The solicitation stresses that the material be original and visually interesting.

Got anything you’re going to submit? I suppose Thursday’s concert will be a good opportunity to capture some footage of yourself at a show, but vintage photos and (especially) video will be great to see if anyone has them.

Beginning Thursday, the day of Springsteen’s Omaha concert, fans will be able to upload their films at www.springsteenandi.com.



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