The Faint drops its first new tracks since ‘Fasciinatiion’

The Faint has been on tour lately in anticipation of Saddle Creek’s re-release of “Danse Macabre” coming this month.

Apparently, they’ve been laying down new tracks, too. Anyone following the band should have noticed it’s been posting photos from its studio over the last several months.

Now, they’re ready with four new tracks on the band’s “Evil Voices” EP including the title track, “This is is IS IS (Pain),” “Unseen Hand” and “Circuit Jerk.”

UPDATE: The Faint is selling the EP on tour only, so get one when you see them cuz otherwise they’ll be gone.

The title track kicks off with thumping bass and drums that finally leads into a sprinting melody that would make good background music for a heist montage in an action movie. With EDM (and dubstep especially) as popular as it is now, I think The Faint found a good time to jump back into the mix (even though they’ve been doing this stuff since before dubstep was even a thing).

The 12″ vinyl was recorded at the band’s studio, Enamel, and was mixed by Mike Mogis.

Download and listen to “Evil Voices” below.



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