Live Review: Little Brazil plays with new drummer, debut of The Brigadiers

Little Brazil headlined a show at The Waiting Room Lounge where drummer Matt Baum filled in for one night.

Thursday night was a busy one. If you wanted to catch local music, you couldn’t have done much better than the shows going on at the Waiting Room and Slowdown.

Journalist and fine man, Andrew Nelson, and I stopped for a beer at Pageturners first. We hoped to catch a little of Dan McCarthy’s promised piano playing, but we showed up and he was already gone (well before the time he was scheduled to stop, too). Oh well. The Ten Pin I drank was well worth it.

Next up was a stop at The Waiting Room Lounge to catch Little Brazil with The Sons of the Waiting Room, The Brigadiers and John Klemmensen & the Party.

Little Brazil took the stage last to less than 100 people, which was unfortunate. The band hasn’t played here in awhile (singer Landon Hedges has been busy with other things), but many from the early crowd must have been family or friends of The Brigadiers fellas. (The place kinda cleared out early.)

It was also Little Brazil’s first show without Oliver Morgan, the band’s longtime drummer who dropped out to focus on his band Landing on the Moon. The band’s replacement drummer: Matt Baum, Hedges’ Desaparecidos bandmate.

Anyone who’s seen him knows that Baum hits the skins hard. Really, really hard.

It made the band sound different. Baum’s beats were stark, but provided a strong backbone to the songs. Guitarist Greg Edds told me after the show that it changed the way the band played. Baum’s strikes leave a lot of room for the band to fill in.

Baum told me he wasn’t sure if he’d play more with the band. The guy’s busy, if you didn’t know, but I think he’d be a solid addition. He gives the band more power and a even more energy.

“Hello! Happy holidays y’all,” Hedges said. “What you guys up to? We got new ones we got old ones. We got stuff.”

The band played a lot of older stuff like “Last Night” as well as a song or two from “Son.” There were about three new songs and they stood up well and fit in with the familiar stuff.

Hedges and bassist Danny Maxwell praised Baum, who shouted and clapped after the songs (as he does).

“Big thanks to Matt. He’s learned the tunes kind of last minute to help us out,” Hedges said. “Feel free to yell at him. He likes it.”

They didn’t end up playing too long, which Baum said was because he didn’t learn any more songs.

As mentioned earlier, The Brigadiers seemed to be the night’s draw. The place filled up for the band – which features Vic Padios, Shane Lamson, Mark Weber and Clint Schnase – and then emptied shortly thereafter, which was a shame.

The band had a tuneful sound, a real melodic quality like The Hold Steady, but some of the chaos of Pavement. I dug the song “It’s a Shame” (song titles are just guesses… the band is new, after all), which had a singalong style

The next tune was even better. With the line “She’s got a secret that everybody knows she could not keep it sometimes that’s the way things go,” I can’t wait for these guys to release something so I can buy that song.

The Sons of The Waiting Room, which adopts the name of whatever venue they’re playing in, started with a country-punk vibe, sort of like Social Distortion with pedal steel, and then moved into more power-pop, Replacements-like territory (they ended up covering “We Know the Night” as the last song).



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