Q&A: Karmin’s Amy Heidemann talks about the duo’s big year

Pop duo Karmin includes Nebraska native Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan.

Think of Nebraskans in music who had a big year. I bet most readers of this blog won’t even think of Amy Heidemann. She’s the female half of Karmin, the ultra-popular-on-YouTube pop group, and graduated from Seward High School.

They appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone, performed on “Saturday Night Live,” released the “Hello” EP and broke into the Billboard albums and singles charts.

Critics aren’t fans of the duo, but regular people are. They’ve been selling some records and appearing on every TV show that will have them and (even if their albums don’t ever go platinum), their YouTube views – always in the tens of millions – are enough to keep them making music for some time.

I talked to Heidemann about 2012 and how it went for her. The words “life-changing” come to mind.

Q. This year was a big one for Karmin with “Hello” being released and the appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” among other stuff. Is there one moment that sticks out to you as special or significant for Karmin?

A. Our fans voted us onto the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. What an amazing milestone early in our career! Thank you to all the Nebraska supporters that voted!

Q. What made it so special?

A. Since it was fan votes, it was not just a victory for Karmin, but also a testament to the power and passion behind incredible fan base. Social media makes it possible to stay in touch with them directly. We hope to keep that relationship our whole career.

Q. Aside from things happening with Karmin, did you have any standout personal moments in 2012?

A. I got to meet one of my singing idols, Brandy and completely lost it when I found out she was a Karmin fan. What an amazing feeling!

Q. Did you have a favorite song from 2012?

A. Obviously Karmin “Hello” because of the Nebraska shout-out! :)

Q. Going forward, what will you remember about this year?

A. We’ll always remember having our first platinum-selling song (“Brokenhearted”). It was our first year living on airplanes and in hotels – we flew almost 150,000 miles around the world! Quite a lifestyle change!

* * *

Watch Karmin perform LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem.” (16 million views and counting. Seriously.)



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