Icky Blossoms tells about its drunkest fan, rudest moment and more in tour diary

Icky Blossoms’ Nik Fackler and Sarah Bohling stand in front of the “straight out of pottery barn abode” where they stayed in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Icky Blossoms)

Icky Blossoms apparently had a good time while on the road with Trust and The Faint.

Sarah Bohling wrote up a tour diary for Paste where she describes how a promoter in Montreal kicked them out of the venue for “partying too hard,” a fan at First Avenue yelled “Lana Del Rey ain’t got shit on you” and the time Icky’s drummer poured his entire drink into some fan’s purse and made her cry.

Sounds like a wild time, especially the part about Bohling and The Faint’s Todd Fink at the strip club. Paste has the entire thing, which includes the following excerpt from the band’s show in Montreal:

The crowd was as icy as the streets outside so we decided to rile them up during The Faint’s set. We worked our way to the middle of the crowd and started freaking out. I had a full drink and it showered the crowd around me. That’s all it took— the stiffness was broken-limbs became anonymous- bodies became one-aliens were real. After thrashing for a good hour, I returned to the dressing room to congratulate The Faint on an awesome show. I walked into a dense cloud of smoke — the amount of weed being inhaled was insane. Everyone was on the moon and none of it made sense.

Also check out my review of the tour’s last show.



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