Album Review: Free Energy, ‘Love Sign’

(Free Energy Records)
Available starting today
Rating: ★★★☆

From the opening riff of “Electric Fever,” Free Energy will make you want to roll down the convertible top, smile, dance in a rather bouncy fashion and acquire an inexplicable desire to pick up a guitar and jam a few power chords.

Comparisons to ’80s bands The Cars and Thin Lizzy are easy to make, but the band is more than a rehash of “The Boys Are Back in Town.” As with the band’s 2010 album, this one is full of power-pop hooks that will make you want to crank the volume.

Singer Paul Sprangers delivers those lines about having a good time: Lines such as “I got a crush on you” (“Street Survivor”) and “Do you wanna/wanna dance with me tonight?” (“Hangin”) that fit with its often sugary-sweet tone.

Though the album drops today, it may very well become the album of the summer.

Though it all sounds like strummed chords, good times and hangin’ out, there’s a little more to it. “Street Survivor” is an anthem that works in some funky bass and pedal steel. “Hold You Close” sounds more like Journey than any of the band’s usual comparisons (and I mean that in a good way… the song is perfect pop-rock), and it has a sweet summertime romance story.

* * *

Stream the album after the jump and let me know what you think in the comments.



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