Review: Beyonce’s halftime show at the Super Bowl

Beyonce Knowles performs at last night’s Super Bowl LXVII halftime show. (Photo by The Associated Press)

Last night’s Super Bowl halftime show is the reason I have Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” stuck in my head.

For my money, that song, which was the pop singer’s first selection, was the best part of the entire show: Great pop song and an introduction to maybe the most over-the-top halftime stage spectacle ever.

It was a great show to look at: The stage’s “faces” looked cool, all the dancers hitting it pretty flawlessly, Beyonce’s commanding stage presence, all the flare and fireworks, the all-female band (though I’m not sure how many of them were actually playing instruments… most seemed to just dance around). The production designer (and Beyonce, too) should be praised for how big it was and how big it felt coming through on my little TV at home.

Aside from the visual craziness, the rest was just kind of lame. That is up to and including the Destiny’s Child “reunion.” (More on that in a minute.)

Full disclosure: I’m not a Beyonce superfan/apologist. Everything she does is not amazing. The “Video Phone” video is not edgy, it’s ridiculously terrible. I don’t care that she’s married to Jay-Z. Lip-SyncGate was the stupidest pseudo-controversy ever. Don’t get me wrong: The woman has made some great pop jams, several of which made appearances during Sunday night’s halftime. I just don’t lap up her every move.

Most of the performance was 30-second sections of random songs that I’d just rather hear on the radio (or not at all). And that’s kind of the problem: Though they’re good (and popular) pop tunes, none of them, save “Single Ladies,” are iconic. “Independent Women” isn’t a song most of us have thought about since it was popular 13 years ago. And it felt all the more dated with its “Charlie’s Angels” reference.

So yeah, Destiny’s Child showed up. And… who cares? They had less screen time than the rabid fans sprinting into the Superdome for the performance.

If you’re gonna do some kind of reunion like that, why not make it a big deal? Run through “Say My Name” and “Survivor” instead of two tiny snippets of more forgettable songs. And then Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were forced to sing “Single Ladies,” which isn’t even one of their songs. I’m sure they loved that. Ugh.

Super Bowl halftime shows are tricky. You gotta have somebody popular because it’s all about attracting more and more people to watch on TV. (How many non-football fans tuned in last night for the halftime show alone?)

What did you think of Beyonce? Check it out below and let me know what you think.



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4 Responses to Review: Beyonce’s halftime show at the Super Bowl

  1. ShawnCoreyCarter says:

    The halftime show sucked. Too bad the power outage didn’t happen then….

    • Ben Eicher says:

      I agree. It did suck. Are we not done yet with watching women in leather (yawn) do correographed calisthenics (double yawn), while making serious pose faces (snore)? Plus, those are “songs,” they’re snippets of dance beats chucked off as excuses for stiff versions of “dancing.” Beyonce is gorgeous. We already know that. She’s yet to come up with a real song, anything at all that will live as long as any hit by The Supremes or Dionne Warwick or Gladys Knight or …

      • Sista says:

        Haters will hate! It is a job and somebody’s has to do it… Looks like you too will have overtime on your check. lol Beyonce performance was one for the books. Her singing and dancing (at the same time by the way and not “pre recorded” like the rest of the halftime artist in the past.) was flawless! TAKE A BOW B!

  2. simon wolff says: