Stream new Desaparecidos tracks: ‘Left is Right’ and ‘Anonymous’

Desaparecidos is, from left, Conor Oberst, Matt Baum, Denver Dalley, Landon Hedges and Ian McElroy.

As expected, Desaparecidos has released new songs. “Anonymous” and “Left is Right” follow the release of two other songs last year. (Stream the new songs below.)

The two tracks are “new,” but the band has been playing them since its secret show debut almost a year ago.

“Anonymous” is a rabid return to form: more crashes than an earthquake as the band rams from verse to verse and into a chorus saluting the hacking group Anonymous: “You can’t stop us!/We are anonymous!” Conor Oberst’s vocals are best when he’s emotionally howling out the lyrics like he does in this track.

“Left is Right” is another great track, which features a familiar melody style and a tribute to the Occupy movement: “When we pitch our tents on the statehouse steps/Now we’re takin’ it/Now we’re takin’ it back/Now we’re takin’ it/Now we’re takin’ it back/For the greater good/G** D*** Robin Hoods,” and a great line about “taking baseball bats to the limousines.”

I’ve been hoping Desaparecidos would finally release these new songs. (Pre-order them starting tomorrow at the band’s web store.) I now wonder if they’ll put out a proper release or they’ll just keep dropping these singles and EPs, which is a direction a lot of musicians think things are going anyway.

The band is on tour right now in Europe before it hits the east coast for a tour that takes them through the end of February.



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