Album Review: Tim McGraw, ‘Two Lanes of Freedom’

(Big Machine)
Available now
Rating: ★★☆☆

From the start, this is an album to listen to when you hit the road. Title track “Two Lanes of Freedom” kicks off the album and urges you to enjoy the open road as McGraw sings, “(God) made this old country road for drivin’ and dreamin’.”

Indeed, who doesn’t enjoy a good, long drive with the wind blowing in your hair and good music blasting?

“One of Those Nights” is about making memories on a crazy, romantic night. “Truck Yeah” takes some countrified heavy metal and turns it into a singalong. “Mexicoma” is a jam about waking up stoned in Mexico.

“Two Lanes of Freedom” is another album full of three chords and the truth: a bunch of good tunes about good times. McGraw’s mentions of romance and fun are just vague enough to bring about nostalgia from every listener. It’s a fun record.

That said, there’s not a lot of substance here. These songs aren’t going to change your life. You’ll still want to play them the next time you hit the highway, hit the bar or, wake up with a hangover in Mexico.



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