The Thermals pick their favorite Saddle Creek songs

The Thermals – Hutch Harris, Kathy Foster, Westin Glass – have a lot of bros in the Saddle Creek stable.

What are your top 10 Saddle Creek Records tunes?

Inevitably, it probably includes some Bright Eyes, Cursive, The Faint, Ladyfinger, etc.

Same with The Thermals. They’re like the punk band that are your friends because they listen to the same stuff.

Anyway, Baeble Music asked the group to make a playlist of their favorite tunes and they picked songs from the above as well as Azure Ray, Commander Venus, Big Harp and others.

Though I never knew there was a connection between the band and the label, it turns out the band has toured with or organized shows for several Saddle Creek bands. The Thermals’ Hutch Harris calls them all bros, especially The Good Life: “BROS. Bros for life. If I got to marry one Saddle Creek band, it would be The Good Life.”

They picked a few Conor Oberst-centric tracks, saying, “When Saddle Creek bleeds, it tastes like Conor.”

My favorite entry is for Ladyfinger’s “Over and Over.” Hutch Harris doesn’t even talk about the track. He just talks about their tour: “These f***ing guys were on the Cursive/Thermals tour as well, good for them! They stood next to giants and lived to tell the tale. Great band, great bros, GREAT drinkers. God bless their souls.”

Listen to the playlist after the jump. Read all of The Thermals’ picks and comments here. (FYI, there’s some cursing in the band’s descriptions. You’ve been warned!)



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