Whipkey’s ‘Penny Park’ album needs you

Matt Whipkey’s “Penny Park” album art uses a photo from the Durham Museum’s Peony Park Collection.

Matt Whipkey needs your help for his new project.

“Penny Park,” Whipkey’s next album, is about the summer, a theme park and a girl.

And he won’t be able to finish the album – or release it on double vinyl, as it deserves to be released – without reaching his Kickstarter goal.

I’ve been listening to early cuts from the record, which is about experiences at Peony Park and is about a girl named Penny Park, and I have to say that I’m really excited. Not only do they tell an interesting story that’s going to have all of us recalling sun-soaked memories, the songs go from confessions of love, to the rollicking Americana numbers he’s known for.

Just listen to “La Festa Italiana:”

The video Whipkey created for his Kickstarter will give you a great idea of where he’s going with it. As he walks through the former home of the amusement park, he paints a picture of summers long past via a narration about the story of the record.

For more on “Penny Park,” check out my column in Thursday’s paper. For now, watch the excellent video below and then head to Whipkey’s Kickstarter and give him your money:



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