Whipkey’s ‘Penny Park’ Kickstarter still looking for donations

Artwork by Justin Limoges for the ‘Penny Park’ LP packaging.

Update: Whipkey’s Kickstarter project raised almost $6,000. The total reached $5,906 yesterday, which is more than $1,900 past its goal. More than 120 donated money to the cause.

He’s already back to work on the record. “In the mastering room the next couple days with the amazing Doug Van Sloun , to get this behemoth off to the plant and onto some wax!” he said on Facebook.

Only 31 hours remain on Matt Whikpey’s Kickstarter campaign, which he started to partially fund the creation of his upcoming album, “Penny Park: Omaha, NE: Summer 1989.”

It’s an album about a girl, a theme park and our long-gone summers of youth. So far, Whipkey raised more than $5,000, and he has surpassed his original fundraising goal.

Make your donation (and receive some swag for doing so) right here.

If you know anything about recording, pressing and selling an album, you know it’s expensive. The $5,000 from this campaign won’t probably cover it, so every dollar will help. And if you’ve heard any of the tracks (they’re available in the updates section of the Kickstarter), you’re probably as excited as I am to hear it.

“(I am) genuinely humbled by all of your support,” Whipkey said with about a day to go on the fundraiser.



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