Review: Phoenix invites fans onstage for memorable performance

Thomas Mars of Phoenix asked fans to come onstage for the French band’s encore: “This is a dance song. If you don’t have space, feel free to come onstage and dance. Do whatever you want. This is Omaha. This is your place.”

I walked into the Omaha Music Hall expecting a fun show from Phoenix and I left blown away by the performance they delivered. I’ll never forget this one.

Things started off pretty normal: “Entertainment” and “Lisztomania” and a bunch of other tunes were a blast. Eventually though, something happened to the drum kit (at least, that’s what I could tell from the stage  banter), and instead of pausing the show to fix it, Thomas Mars walked into the crowd, stood on a seat in the third floor and sang “Countdown” while  guitarist Christian Mazzalai (and only Mazzalai) played the song behind him.

Just before playing “1901,” Mars invited the audience out of their seats and they crushed up to the stage like it was a small club show.

When they came back for the encore, Mars invited everyone on stage. They obliged and the stage was filled with hundreds of kids dancing and snapping selfies with the band in the background.

Mars, Mazzalai, Laurent Brancowitz and  Deck D’Arcy had smiles on their faces as they closed with “Funky Squaredance” and “Rome.”

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I won’t soon forget the music, which was perfect, or the scene, which was completely wild.

Icky Blossoms also delivered a fun, but short, set. What was really weird was that it was in the theater and everyone sat down. I’ve certainly never seen that before, and it was a little off-putting. But if the crowd wasn’t gonna dance, Icky’s Derek Presnall and Nik Fackler were gonna dance enough for everybody.

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