Photos: Chicago plays ‘Saturday in the Park’ and plenty of other hits in Iowa

Chicago played Friday for two hours to a packed house at Stir Cove in Council Bluffs.

Who doesn’t like “Saturday in the Park?”

You know you do, especially on a hot summer night. Almost 4,000 people packed into Stir Cove on Friday to see the Chicago, which you know from “Saturday in the Park,” “You’re the Inspiration” and lots of ’70s-era slowdance songs.

It was a pretty fun set if you can ignore the cheesiness, which shouldn’t be too hard if you’re already there.

It was a pure nostalgia fest, and that’s why a lot of people were there. It was so packed in the grassy bowl that people were wandering around trying to find somewhere to park their camp chairs. (A lot of them gave up.)

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Check out some photos from the show below or see them over on my Flickr page.



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