Happy birthday, cassettes! Talking mixtapes, cassingles and high-speed dubbing


Did you see today’s front page? We changed the Omaha World-Herald’s fancy flag into an OWH mixtape.

That’s all because I talked to a bunch of musicians including Titus Andronicus, Man Man, 311, Blitzen Trapper, Tim Kasher and a a bunch of others about their favorite mixtapes, cassettes and memories involving the above. We also have a pretty nifty infographic.

Here’s what I want to know next: YOUR favorite cassettes, YOUR favorite memories, YOUR favorite mixtapes or a story of that one time you reached nirvana by assembling a group of songs that fit perfectly on one side of a 90-minute blank.

Drop yours in the comments here, send it to kevin.coffey@owh.com or join the conversation on Facebook. I’m compiling reader stories for an upcoming column.



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