Under Review: Tim Kasher, ‘Adult Film’


Tim Kasher, “Adult Film”
(Saddle Creek Records)
Available now
Rating: ★★★ (out of four)

Tim Kasher admits that he worries too much. He worries that all his friends and all of his family are going to die.

On “Adult Film,” Kasher ditches the howling vocals, deep concepts and heavy melodies of Cursive for something more pop-rock. This album is less overwrought and features your standard rock band setup: guitar, piano, drums and vocals. He’s better at the whole solo artist thing.

“Adult Film” is permeated by a sense of wonder: Wondering when people are gonna die, wondering what your mate is thinking while she lies next to you, wondering about getting married and having kids, wondering what might have been.

Kasher keeps a happy face on during the whole thing with major keys propping up the depressed lyrics, which are most prominent on “Raincloud is a Raincloud,” a sunny song about gloomy feelings.

The best song on his record’s best song, “Truly Freaking Out,” erases those dreams of eternity. “We slowly erode,” he sings and you can feel everyone collectively nodding along. “Yeah, Tim. We’re sorta freaking out, too.” That’s not to mention its buzzy, pulsing synths and Kasher’s singable lines of “I know, I know, I know” sound like The Flaming Lips’ fun years.



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