Review: Vega is now open and it’s a pretty space

A few from Vega’s entrance with the bar to the left and the stage in the back. (Photo by Kevin Coffey/The World-Herald)

Vega is now open.

I went down to Lincoln last night and though Filter and three other hard rock bands played the new spot, I was there to see the venue. (See some photos below.)

I liked what I saw and, most importantly, I really liked what I heard. The new club’s soundsystem was tested by four loud-as-hell bands and came through sounding pretty incredible. A lot of it has to do with the room, which was designed with a lot of sound-absorbing qualities to keep sound from bouncing around the boxy room.

Read my full review of the spot over on, where I get a little more in-depth on the venue’s layout as well as the oh-so-good gourmet hot dogs Vega is serving up.

Co-owners Jeremy Buckley and Eli Mardock were really happy to have the place open. After the show, they told me there are a few improvements still to be made and a couple little kinks to be worked out. But right now, they’re happy everything is going so well at Vega.

“It’s the most wonderful feeling and such a relief to finally have people in here,” Mardock told me.



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