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Hear Nebraska is putting out another compilation of tunes by Nebraska-based bands including Tim Kasher, Simon Joyner, McCarthy Trenching, Millions of Boys and several more.

And they need your help. A Kickstarter that runs for another 13 days basically acts as a preorder for the orange vinyl release. Money raised will help fund production of the album. Five bucks and up gets you an MP3 download and $20 gets you a vinyl copy.

The comp throws together songs previously-released albums and videos as well as live recordings. A couple songs are previously unreleased.

“Hear Nebraska, Vol. 2″ includes a wide variety of music including folk, country, hip-hop and rock. It’s a pretty good representation of what’s going on around here.

An album release show with Pleasure Adapter, Conchance, Simon Joyner and Universe Contest will take place Dec. 27 at The Waiting Room Lounge.

Hear Nebraska Vol. 2 track listing

1. Universe Contest — “The Day the Earth Took Pills”
2. Pleasure Adapter — “Everything Has Been Erased”
3. Noah’s Ark Was a Spaceship — “Caucasian Meditation”
4. Millions of Boys — “Dudcats”
5. Tim Kasher — “American Lit”

6. Skypiper — “Even If”
7. Conchance — “The Dead Daylight”
8. McCarthy Trenching — “29”
9. Lloyd McCarter — “Big Time”
10. Simon JoyneR — “Javelin”




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