List: The 10 most popular Rock Candy blogs of 2013


I wrote a lot of stuff in 2013 including 252 blog posts.

I combed through the stats and dug up the 10 most popular posts on Rock Candy so that we may better remember the last year.

1. Q&A: David Bryan talks Bon Jovi tour, Sambora’s absence
Bon Jovi fans went crazy fort his post, where one member of Bon Jovi told me a little about why their lead guitarist hadn’t been with the band since shortly before playing Omaha early this year. It’s not a salacious as it sounds. Sambora later stated that he simply wanted to take a break from the constant touring to hang out with his daughter.

2. SXSW: The Black Lips’ set ends in madness; Cole Alexander nearly assaulted
I remember leaving the Cedar Street Courtyard and not believing exactly what I saw. It was a crazy show (I got hit in the head pretty dang hard and at least one beer dumped on me), but it ended in complete madness. I’ve never seen security get that out of line. The numbers on this one were probably helped by the Black Lips linking to the story and cursing out the security staff.

3. Under Review: Eminem, “The Marshall Mathers LP 2″
Though I personally liked this record a lot, I thought it had a little bit more to do to live up to being a good album. For some reason, people took to this post like crazy and some did not agree with my take.

4. Q&A: The Lumineers’ Neyla Pekarek on fame, her barbershop quartet and writing new songs
I thought Neyla was a pretty gracious interview, and after talking to her, I realized she had a pretty lucky story. She joined the band shortly before they blew up and I’m sure her life has been completely different since.

5. Stories of Nirvana, R.E.M., Green Day before they made it big
This was probably the most fun I had all year researching a story. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit people’s lengthy tales of seeing huge bands back before they were much of anything in the paper. Thank goodness for the Internet.

6. RIP Mojopo
I didn’t know Michael “Mojopo” all that well, but those that did couldn’t say enough kind things about the man.

7. Column: New venue Vega to be opened by veteran Lincoln scenesters
The biggest music news coming out of Lincoln aside from the opening of a 14,000-seat arena was the opening of an admittedly much smaller music venue across the street. Vega’s a cool spot and you should definitely check it out.

8. SXSW: The Flaming Lips debut new album, ‘The Terror,’ and it’s terrrrrrrible
I liked them better at Maha Music Festival, but the first-ever presentation of the space-rock band’s new album, “The Terror,” was the worst show I saw all year. Even the Lips’ Steven Drozd thought it didn’t go over too well. “We weren’t ready for it,” he told me later. If you’ve got time, take a spin through the comments on that review and read from all the people that wildly disagreed with me.

9. Listen to new Conor Oberst, Big Harp on ‘Stuck in Love’ soundtrack
Last year, Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott did something really cool. They scored a film. The basic story is that the guy who made the movie loved Bright Eyes so he did what anyone would do: He asked the band to make the music for his movie. I later wrote a much more in-depth piece where I talked to Mogis, Walcott and the film’s music supervisors about how the songs and score for the film were selected.

10. Live Review: Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band play first of two sold-out shows
Other than Desaparecidos, Conor Oberst didn’t play a whole ton of shows in 2013 and he did only two with the MVB. I caught the first of two sold-out nights, and it was a pretty great show from both Oberst and the band. They busted out all of my favorites from their two albums as well as their cover of John Prine’s “Wedding Day in Funeralville.”



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