Music startup Roctopus helps bands get labels

Every band wants a label, and every label wants bands.

Making that initial connection and then making that connection produce results are the tricky parts.

Music startup Roctopus hopes to solve both of those problems. Essentially, the service works like minor league baseball leagues work with their major league counterparts: Labels and bands will exist together on Roctopus, and labels will select artists they like for big league deals.

A video made by Roctopus explains it even better. (Watch it below.)

Roctopus founder Kip Marshall, a Bellevue East graduate, told me that it has a lot of interest from record labels, but more bands need to sign up for the service to work.

“For now, I am simply collecting e-mails as essentially a petition,” he said. “We would really like to see 3000-plus bands on the list.”

All Roctopus needs for now is your band’s name and an email address.

I think it’s a really creative idea that will get more unsigned bands together with labels that fit their needs (and vice versa). The “no contract” angle also keeps pressure off of bands to succumb to label pressures while allowing the label not to lose gobs of money money on unknowns since, as I see it, this will work best with artists that are serious about what they’re doing and have already accomplished a lot.

I hope the idea gets some traction because the only way it works is for there to be a large chunk of unsigned artists involved. So get to it.



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