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Column: Jake Bellows’ ‘New Ocean’ and its frequency’s effect on the world

At one point, Jake Bellows gave up on music. Bellows did one last tour with Neva Dinova and, though he performed somewhat regularly at the Barley Street Tavern open mic, he wasn’t sure why he was still making music. Since … Continue reading

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Jake Bellows to release solo album, ‘New Ocean,’ Aug. 6 via Saddle Creek

Former Neva Dinova frontman Jake Bellows has been working on solo songs for quite awhile now. Bellows apparently gave up on music after 15 years with Neva Dinova, but Ben Brodin made him lay down a bunch of demos before … Continue reading

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Video: Jake Bellows interview at SXSW

Jake Bellows, formerly of Neva Dinova, talked to me before his show yesterday at the Saddle Creek Records showcase about his upcoming album, his new band (The Lost Gospels) and staying in nasty hotels.

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Jake Bellows debuts new track, ‘Help’

The band formed around Jake Bellows (I like to call it Jake Bellows & Friends) has a collection of talented musicians: Bellows of Neva Dinova, Todd Fink of The Faint as well as Ben Brodin, Heath Koontz and Ryan Fox, … Continue reading

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Go see these shows: Little Brazil, Jake Bellows Band, Dan McCarthy plays piano and more

Man, there’s some cool local shows going on tonight. It may necessitate me stopping at some or all of them as the night goes on. I recommend you do the same. » Dan McCarthy’s going to play piano at Pageturners between 7:30 p.m. … Continue reading

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Review: Jake Bellows & Friends with Simon Joyner at O’Leaver’s

Wednesday’s show was not well-publicized because, well, the headlining band didn’t have a name yet. Jake Bellows has been recording since he moved to Los Angeles in recent years and has released entire songs as well as little snippets. Those … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Interview with Jake Bellows

You probably know Jake Bellows from his work with Neva Dinova, but for the past two years, he’s been living in Los Angeles. Recently, he’s taken up as the lead guitarist for LA band Whispertown and he’s also working on … Continue reading

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SXSW: Whispertown at Beauty Bar

I went over to Beauty Bar this afternoon first thing to check out Whispertown. The band, led by Morgan Nagler, was once known as The Whispertown 2000. What drew me there was Jake Bellows, an Omaha musician who has been … Continue reading

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Headlines! Maha, Roger Waters, Alex Chilton and more

How was everyone’s weekend? I have a birthday coming up, so most of it was spent doing birthday-related activities therefore missing pretty much all shows going on. In fact, I’m going to be missing a lot of shows in the … Continue reading

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